Stacco Troncoso is an avid synthesizer of information and a radical polymath working towards elemental, people-led change on a burning planet.

Stacco lives, breathes, teaches and writes on the Commons, P2P politics and economics, open culture, post-growth futures, Platform and Open Cooperativism, decentralised governance, blockchain and more as part of DisCO.coop, Commons Transition and Guerrilla Translation.

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Now in first person: I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1975, and grew up in London, England, returning to Madrid to study Fine Arts in 1992. Working as a professional translator since 1998 I co-founded Guerrilla Translation with my partner, Ann Marie Utratel, as a living project to ground P2P and Commons theories in real practices.

This practical work now extends into DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organizations). DisCOs use the best aspects of distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, but applied specifically toward inclusive, locally grounded and transnationally networked cooperatives that focus on social and environmental work. Contrasting many decentralized/ blockchain proposals, DisCOs aim to prioritize mutual (human) support, cooperativism and care work, and to avoid being overtly exclusionary and techno-deterministic.

Inclusive Commons advocacy and education is also an essential part of Commons Transition – an organization dedicated to spreading and strengthening the Commons worldwide, and where I work as project lead. I was a core team member of the P2P Foundation  from 2013-19 in several roles, including Strategic Direction Steward and Advocacy Coordinator. I am also a frequent collaborator of Furtherfield, the Commons Strategies Group and Commons Network, as well as a board member for Zemos98, Commonspolis and part of the International Advisory Board of the Digital Communities category at Prix Ars Electronica.

My work in communicating commons culture extends to public speaking and relationship building with prefigurative communities, policymakers and potential commoners worldwide. I also work on, write, lecture and teach about subjects like municipalism, hacker and free culture, P2P Politics and economics, blockchain/distributed ledger technology, environmentalism, resource limits, Platform and Open Cooperativism, decentralised governance, distributed manufacturing and much more.


I am also a writer, artist, and musician. In addition to completing two books of poetry, several of my poems are included in the Occupy Wall Street Poetry AnthologyMy music, featuring guitar, effect pedals and electronic processing, has been featured in several podcasts and radio programs.

There’s a lot more to me, my areas of interest and my worldview. I consider myself: intersectional feminist, queer, punkanimist environmentalist, relationship fluid, anarcho-taoistpsychonaut, occupier, discordian and psychiatric survivor. These viewpoints and ways of identifying are essential for my own understanding of the Commons, and life.

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