You Say Decentralized, I Say Potato: The DisCO Manifesto is live and ready to download - Co-published with the Transnational Institute (TNI), If I Only Had a Heart: a DisCO Manifesto is a deep dive into the worlds of the blockchain, commons, cooperatives, AI, feminist economics and more. At 80 pages, it’s a “longread” text that will take about an hour to read.
Rage Against the Machine and Science Friction: a video introduction to DisCOs - A keynote presentation on DisCOs. DisCO stands for "Distributed Cooperative Organization" and it's a friendly, yet challenging, critique of DisCOs older cousin, the Decentralised Autonomous Organization or DAO.
Encoding Care, On- and Off-Chain - How can we have a more human-centered economy if we delegate some of our more sensitive interactions to on-chain governance, as seen in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?
New generations meet new alternatives: the Commons and the Youth Initiative Program - Watch these engaged young commoners share their project ideas, hinting at the future of Open Coops and P2P Politics. These two videos showcase their eye-opening proposals, integrating assorted contexts with clear, common patterns.
The Open Coop Governance Model in Guerrilla Translation: an Overview - Guerrilla Translation's governance/economic model is unique in that it incorporates Open Cooperativism, Contributive Accounting and Feminist Economics.
OPEN 2018: Growing the commons - Stacco Troncoso from the P2P Foundation; Mònica Garriga Miret from the Free Knowledge Institute; Guillaume Compain from Plateformes en communs and Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Co-Founder of Sensorica discussing strategies for Growing the Commons.
Punk Elegance: How Guerrilla Translation reimagined itself for Open Cooperativism - Read how Guerrilla Translation and its extended family reimagined itself as care-oriented Distributed Cooperative Organization (DCO).
Learn how to play Commonspoly - Join the P2P Foundation's Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel for a get together and workshop in Berlin on Commonspoly, a Commons-oriented board game.
Elena Martinez and Silvia Díaz of P2P Models on Blockchain, Feminism and Affective P2P - P2P Models examines the infrastructure, governance and economy of decentralized, democratic organizations and their value allocation and distribution.
Reimagine, don’t seize, the means of production - A movement combining digital and physical production points toward a new possibility: Produce within our communities and with respect for nature and its carrying capacity.
Team Human: Stacco Troncoso “The Commons is the Glue” - Stacco Troncoso shares the power of the commons and shows us how we can make the transition out of the crisis of capitalism.
Commons Transition, Illustrated – Our New Web Primer - The new Commons Transition Primer website makes the ideas of the Commons and P2P accessible and attractive to commoners and communities worldwide.
Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe? - A conversation with Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network), Iva Cucik (Belgrade don’t drown Initiative) and Stacco Troncoso (P2P Foundation).
Organizing and Governing the Commons: A Coop-Commons Multilevel Dialogue with Municipalities and Labour - Facilitating the convergence cooperatives, social and solidarity economy, commons (and open source and collaborative platforms), cities and trade unions.
“Think global, print local”: A case study on a commons-based publishing and distribution model - 'Information wants to be free', a famous dictum reads: are there alternatives to the profit-driven models of translating, publishing and distributing books?
Commons in the time of monsters: How P2P Politics can change the world, one city at a time - Can Commons and P2P practices offer viable solutions for our present and future social, political and ecological crises? This is the story of how it's done.
Commons Transition and P2P: a Primer - Digital magazine download on the Commons and P2P, how they interrelate and how a Commons transition could reinvigorate work, politics, production, and care.
From Platform to Open Cooperativism - Two movements mesh cooperative traditions with the digital revolution: Platform Cooperativism, and Open Cooperativism. How do they relate?
Susana Martín Belmonte on de-commodification and abundance - An interview with Spanish economist Susana Martín Belmonte on her work on monetary reform, commons-oriented P2P systems and future economies.
Stacco Troncoso on Digital Communities and P2P - Stacco Troncoso defines P2P, the Commons and how they inter-relate, while distinguishing generative P2P interactions from other, more harmful, contexts