Talks, Workshops and More


A big part of my work involves travelling, teaching and meeting people face to face. Let me tell you about some of the things that I do.

Workshops: I specialise in interactive teaching methodologies and lateral learning. The main topic of my workshops are the Commons, P2P: what they are, how they intersect, and their relevance to life, work, society and nature. A course can run for several days and combines visually oriented, short presentations and videos with self-directed mutual learning exercises, breakout groups, and didactic games to create a deeper understanding of the main principles. Participants come away from the workshops with an effective toolkit for incorporating new ideas towards planning and implementing realistic, ecologically viable, post-capitalist futures. I have taught all kinds of people, from industry professionals and social entrepreneurs to large NGO campaigners, activist groups and young adults. Greenpeace International, the Youth Initiative Program and the Synergia Institute are some of the places I’ve taught.

Stacco at Pxieache.jpeg

Along with my colleagues at Zemos.98 I also facilitate and teach Commonspoly, the innovative commons-oriented board game. I also very much enjoy attending workshops as a participant, sharing my knowledge and expertise to further worthy causes and learning more in the process.

Conference participation: I am an avid conference participant. I’ve taken part in many panels on a variety of topics including free culture, labour, future politics and, of course, the commons. I have given keynote presentations on the Commons and P2P at international events including the Economy, People and Planet conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (2015), the Prix Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria (2016), in Berlin, Germany (2018) and Sharing Korea in Seoul, Korea (2018)

Conference curation, organization and facilitation: I have taken part in the curation and organization of the programs for large international conferences including: Procomuns in Barcelona (2016),  Peer Value in Amsterdam (2016), and the European Commons Assembly in Madrid (2017), as well as smaller, concentrated events including the Guerrilla Translation Reloaded meeting (2018).

As a facilitator, I have worked for the Transnational Institute, Greenpeace International, the Heinrich Böll Foundation,, European Alternatives, Cooperatives Europe and the International Labour Organization, as well as number of EU funded projects.

Finally, I have also been an invited consultant with organizations interested in social and ecologically viable futures, working in particular with the technology, environmental, political and cooperative sectors.

I would love to help you and your organization to better understand and integrate the concepts and practices of the commons and P2P, and to broaden our mutual understanding of the changes we can make possible together. Please get in touch and let’s talk.

Lead image by Zemos98. Workshop image by Cindy Kohtala