Stacco in Korea.jpg

For someone who hates cords and wires, Stacco Troncoso sure picked an odd medium of expression. With no fewer than thirty effect pedals and other gizmos in his one-man-studio, the guitar itself can almost seem like an afterthought. But he is a passionate guitarist as well as a composer and arranger, and general dandy with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. Most of his work under the name… Mmm is intended to be played with other musicians (in other words, a band), though the pieces here are completely solo recordings.


The soundscapes portrayed in this set were created as solo ambient and soundtrack sonic excursions, occupying a space somewhat estranged from the consensual musical narrative.



…mmm is pronounced “…mmm”, emphasis on the “m”!!!



Street Art image by Antonio Marin Segovia