Encoding Care, On- and Off-Chain

How can we have a more human-centered economy if we delegate some of our more sensitive interactions to on-chain governance, as seen in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations? Join the P2P Foundation’s Stacco Troncoso in exploring the Distributed Cooperative Organizations (DCO), a radical re-envisioning of distributed ledger technology, incorporating contributive accounting, feminist economics, platform cooperativism, and the commons.

This is the video of my keynote presentation on DisCOs (Distributed Cooperative Organizations) from Revision 2018, a two day event held in Berlin. The previous day my partner Ann Marie Utratel and I also held a DisCO-themed workshop as part of the event.

The DisCO model has evolved considerably since this video was recorded, but all of the main starting points are touched on during the presentation and Q&A. Enjoy!

Lead image by Kelsey Weaver.